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UPMC for Life

There's still time to get a better Medicare plan!

If you’re unhappy with your current Medicare coverage, there’s still time to choose the best quality plan in PA. Our goal as a licensed insurance agency is to find the BEST plan that works for your health care needs and budget.

What to learn how UPMC for Life plans compare to your current coverage?

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Johnstown, PA: 814-254-4258 | Altoona, PA: 814-201-2829

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UPMC for Life's excellect 5 out of 5 star rating for both its HMO and PPO plans means you can enroll all year in 2022!

5 out of 5 Stars from Medicare for 2022
Every year, Medicare evaluates plans on a 5-star rating system.

UPMC for Life offers plans that can save you money and give you more benefits

  • Plans that start as low as $0 per month with $0 preferred Rx
  • Access to thousands of doctors across PA and travel coverage out of state
  • Great extra benefits like dental, vision, hearing, free gym memberships, a free Fitbit (on select plans), and an allowance to buy health care products.


What does this mean for you? Because UMPC for Life earned a 5-star rating with Medicare, you can still enroll today!

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